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I paint with words. Also with paint.

Howdy. Hello. I'm Copy McCarty and I'm a Spencerwriter originally from Denver, Colorado. Wait, shoot, scratch that I'm a copywriter and I'm named Spencer. Nailed it. I also like to paint and I focused on that for some time while living out here in sunny Los Angeles. Which is where I live, if that wasn't clear.

I love creativity in many forms and hate vague generalizations.


My high school principal said I talked too much, but that it could be a good thing. I love saying the right thing at the right time. And also at the wrong time, though I've gotten better with that bit.

I like animation and storytelling and getting transported to other worlds by creative works.  Also breakfast burritos.

I got my degree in Journalism with a focus on Copywriting from the University of Missouri and then moved to LA when I graduated to go and be an artist and to have a good time. I did both of those!

I've done lots of cool stuff. I've been paid to vandalize large walls all over the world. I've convinced people to buy my artsy scribbles. I emceed and did stand up at a comedy club in college for years. I've worked at talent agencies, fancy restaurants, wineries, and on myself. Now I want to work for your ad agency. Hire me please.

- TOMS Mural Video -

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