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'Different Strokes for Different Folks'

As Mark Twain put it, “it is difference of opinion that makes horse races.”


More so than just opinions, it is all our differing choices that culminate in the unique life experience that each individual has in this world.


Each of us views this world in a slightly different way than the next person. There are millions of ways to convey any one feeling, object or emotion that any of us comes in contact with.

So whether you wish to express yourself in broad strokes or narrow details, there’s a Sharpie that’s perfect for you.


Posters & Billboards

We'll have a variety of posters that all tie into the 'Different Strokes' theme but play off the belief that there is a Sharpie for all of us, and all of our moods, roles and needs in life.



Shaprie will partner with Secret Walls, a worldwide competitive live art event.

The spirit of Secret Walls is the battle between two different artists or artist teams using only black paint or markers to create a work of art in front of a live audience within a certain time frame.


This ties into the 'Different Strokes' theme perfectly, we'll set a theme and supply the artists with Sharpie products and sit back and enjoy the ensuing chaos.

We'll utilize the social media accounts for both brands to promote the event and get some of that sweet sweet content.

CW: Spencer McCarty | AD: Also Spencer McCarty

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