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Better Help

'Help vs Better Help'

We turn to our friends, families, coworkers, strangers on the street, bartenders, and really, anyone who will listen to us, for advice when the trials and tribulations of life get us down. Although seeking therapy is less stigmatized in the world these days and easier than ever to begin with the services of Better Help, some people still rely on the same old advice they hear over and over from their trusted sources, but how helpful is that advice really?


Better Help

Posters & Billboards

In urban areas, we'll post a slew of posters, some with short and sweet 'helpful' advice, some much longer in juxtaposition.

The billboards will feature short blurbs of 'advice', with a semi-transparent message on the right side of the ad with some words you might get from your Better Help therapist. The point isn't to read the whole message, but to just hint at what a more helpful response could be.

Above we have a few examples of OOH ads showing us some of this advice we may have received. This concept will be further applied in print, radio, televison as well as social as we hear and see these platitudes we all have experience hearing and saying.



Better Help x Overheard

The popular social media account 'Overheard' and its city-specific accounts, often poses questions to its followers and then posts the responses anonymously. In partnership with Better Help, we'll pose the question "What's the worst 'help' you've gotten from a friend or family member and then post the best responses in the feed in conjunction with Overheard's feed.



'Baggage Helper' reusable shopping bag

Let's be honest, we're all carrying around a lot of baggage these days. Exes, mommy issues, television show cancellations, you name it. Now, Better Help can help you with not only your emotional baggage, but with your everyday baggage as well!


In select markets we'll partner with popular national grocery chains to give out a limited number of the 'Baggage Helper' bags that will include a discount on new customer's first month of service with Better Help.

CW: Spencer McCarty | AD: Also Spencer McCarty

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