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Spencer McCarty is an American artist, born and raised in Denver, Colorado.


Spencer grew up loving animation and comics, which inspired him to draw from an early age. His early art education was limited to the public school curriculum. McCarty went on to attend the University of Missouri – Columbia where he studied copywriting within the Journalism School. After graduation he moved to Los Angeles where he currently lives.


Upon moving to Los Angeles in 2013, Spencer rediscovered his passion for drawing and delved into painting. It was then that he put his full focus on his art career and began participating in group art shows and had pieces of his artwork not only sold to collectors internationally but also had pieces featured in short films and national magazines. In 2015 Spencer was introduced to the street art world in Los Angeles and began painting murals around Los Angeles and abroad.

In 2022, Spencer shifted his focus from fine art to the Animation Industry and is pursuing paths related to Background Design & Painting

- TOMS Mural Video -


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